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February 27, 2020   




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Workforce Management Software designed for your business

Complete Computer Service is the provider of proven and affordable industry-specific solutions to manage all key workforce management functions needed for tracking client staffing requirements, finding and assigning personnel, processing payroll , and sending invoices.  Including comprehensive support to accurately compute and access client, employee, government, insurer, and other stakeholder reports.

Clients primarily include staffing, healthcare, and contract security guard providers, as well as additional outsourced specialty human resource services.  Our solutions are designed with 3 underlying principles.

  • Eliminate redundant or repetitive data entry to improve accuracy and reduce manpower wherever possible.
  • Support a flexible shift based payroll/billing system that supports the needs of a dynamic scheduling environment where employees may work for a variety of clients in the same pay period at different pay and bill rates, in different taxing jurisdictions, and under different workers compensation policy premium rates.
  • Provide an affordable solution by designing a core framework, with modular feature activation capabilities, that can support most staffing business requirements without expensive customization.




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